Flexo Printing Defects

  1. Dot Gain Dot gain or Dot volume increase is a printing defect whereby the diameter of halftone dots increases during the printing process, resulting in the final printing product being darker. It becomes a defect when the gain compromises the image quality.One of the most common causes of dot gain is an over Pressure tensed substrate during printing, so reducing pressure is the first fix you may need to increase its viscosity through additives.

Incorrect mounting tape selection ..

Engineered to be micron-precise, plate mounting tapes are an essential piece of the flexo print need to be selected with care for each print job.2580 Even by just thousandths of an inch, harder or thicker tapes can push the image carrier onto the substrate with enough increased pressure to make a noticeable difference and create unwanted dot gain. For the same reason, operators must also take care to ensure there’s no trapped air under the tape that could impact plate pressure.

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