WordPress OR Blogger

WordPress OR Blogger?

Talking about blogging, we have many options to start a blog, out of which we can select anyone. But when we think of starting a blog, the first thought is that where should we start our blog? WordPress and Blogger are very popular for blogging. But in these two, which one should we select? This is very confusing for beginners. In this post, we are going to tell you what to select in WordPress and Blogger?

WordPress OR Blogger?

WordPress gives you full control over your blog, and you can technically do anything you want. You can give the kind of look and feel to your blog with the help of free and paid WordPress plugins. In WordPress, you will also get full control of saving with the help of a few hundred plugins, you can make your blog SEO friendly. WordPress gives you permission to do whatever you want to do. Also, you get many themes from WordPress

If you create your own blog on WordPress, then you will have to ask for your blog yourself. You must install WordPress on your own server. To start a blog on WordPress, you will need technical knowledge. But support is provided by the WordPress community, with the help of which you will learn everything easily in a very short time.

WordPress OR Blogger?

Blogger is a best option for beginners. If you are currently new to the field of blogging and you do not have technical knowledge and if you do not want to spend money on your blog, then Blogger is the best option for you.

Along with these benefits, the bloggers have many limitations in their functionalities and term of SEO benefits. Blogger is a right option if you need a platform to start a blog with zero expense. Limited features are available in Blogger to add to your blog. So optimization also has many drawbacks in Blogger which makes WordPress better than this.

So, Guys, this is the difference between WordPress & Blogger, Now its depend on you to choose between both of them but we highly recommend you to go with WordPress than Blogger