How to Share live location on Whatsapp

You can easily use Google Maps in an unfamiliar place or if you don’t know the address. But if you are going to an unknown place then you can get the right address by sharing your WhatsApp location with him. Or if he misses the road, he can know where we are. This feature is very simple and useful. Its usefulness in the time of the corona is even more beneficial. Let read more about WhatsApp Live Location Feature.

When sending a location, you must first decide whether to send it to a location or to a live location. If you send a live location, you will need to specify its duration. You have to decide whether to use this location for 15 minutes or 1 hour or more. You can send the location accordingly.

If you want to turn off the live location or don’t feel the need for it, there is an option called Stop Live Location. You just have to turn off the live location by clicking on it. If you click on a live location, a photo will be clicked and then you will get a new location that was updated 10 to 15 minutes ago.

The number of minutes it will be updated depends on the duration of the live location. But it has also made it easier and more convenient to find the road or the shop you want. Most importantly, no one will be able to see this location except the one you shared it with. This means that only two people, the user and the sender, will be able to see the location

How to Share Live location Step by Step

Let see how we can share our live location Step by Step

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Choose the Contact to Whom you want to share the live location with
  3. Click on the Attachment Icon on the right side
  4. Click on Location 
  5. Then Click on Share live location