What is VPN

If you want to know what VPN is and how to use VPN to keep online data safe, safe transaction, block site access, then this post will help you. Who doesn’t like the internet? It delivers information, answers, entertainment to you in seconds. But the internet also has some flaws that make you insecure online. Hackers, government, advertisers take full advantage of this. But with the help of a VPN, you can make the internet more secure and more private. So let us know, why VPN is an important tool to protect your privacy and what is the easiest way to set it up? so Let see What is VPN? How to use VPN on mobile & computer? Explained in details.

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What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to create a secure connection to any other network on the Internet. VPN is used to access blocked websites, hide your browsing activity in public Wi-Fi. Simply put, a VPN connects your PC, Smartphone, or Tablet to another server somewhere on the Internet, and allows you to browse the Internet using that server. So if that server is in a different country, it will look like you’re coming from that country, and you can access things you normally can’t. By sending your traffic through special servers and encrypting your data, VPNs hide your online activity and protect you from many threats on the internet – from hacker attacks to data sales, identity theft, and much more. Something.

How to use VPN on Mobile?

If you are a smartphone user then you will find a lot of VPN app option in the App Store & Play store. Here I am going to tell you about VPNIFY App. Which is free and its interface is also quite simple & Easy to use. follow the below steps to download the VPNIFY From a Play store or You can download from their website

  • Once install accept some T&C
  • You don’t need to create an account, You can use it without creating an account
  • Select Location or You can Click ‘Auto-select’
  • Click on ‘Tap to Connect”

VPNIFY has both Free & Premium Version. You Can use Free Version if you don’t use VPN much, with the Free Version you just have to bear with some unwanted Ads, As well as with Paid Version has Adblock for all Apps via VPN, a Completely Ad-Free Feature. The Premium Version Charges are 1 Month – ₹ 460/ Month & 1 Year – ₹ 225/ Month you can also Try 3 Days Free Premium Version.

How to use VPN on Laptop/Computer?

There is a lot of VPN software on the Internet like ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, Browsec VPN, Touch VPN etc. But most good VPN services are paid. If you are using Windows10 then there you will find the VPN option by default. Here I am going to tell you the whole process of using Touch VPN. If you are a normal user then you can use the free version.

  • Click on Add to Chrome
  • You will get Pop-up like below
  • Click on Add Extension
  • It will get download & Install automatically on you Chrome Browser
  • Once done, Click on Touch VPN Icon on Right Side & Click on Connect

Any internet user needs to have a VPN, who cares about their privacy and security. Despite all the conveniences that come with the internet, the dangers that come with it are something you should not ignore. Data breaches, government surveillance, and cyber crimes are becoming more common. With a good VPN, you can stay safe, no matter what you’re doing online. Hope this post What is VPN? Will be helpful for you and will further help you to keep your data safe.

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