What is TRP & How it is calculated?

What is TRP? You must have heard about TRP many times while watching the news channel or Hindi Serials. but What is TRP rating? Full-Form of TRP? How does it work? What is TRP & How it calculated? If you have all this question in your head then we have the solution for the same. In this post, you will find complete information about TRP. What is TRP and how it calculated?

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What is TRP?

The Full Form of TRP is Television Rating Point, It is a tool that tell us which channel and program is viewed most or it shows the popularity of a TV channel & program. It shows how many times people are watching a channel or a program.

In India, there is an agency called BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council). Earlier is known as (INTAM) Indian Television Audience Measurement which works to estimate the TRP of TV channels. This agency checks the different frequencies to find out which TV channel has been watched the most at what time. In the same way, this company estimates the famous serials of the entire country by describing several thousand frequencies. This helps in understanding the popularity of any program or channel and it is easy to know which channel is the most-watched.

The more people watch a channel, the higher the TRP of that channel will be. This TRP benefits the advertisers and makes it easier to find to add.

How TRP rating Calculated?

The BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) checks the different frequencies to find out which channel is watched more often, which show’s how popular the channel is. BARC similarly estimates the popular TV channels of the entire country by describing several thousand frequencies. Agencies use a special type of gadget to measure TRP. The device that measures TRP is called People Meter with the help of meters the habits of the people watching TV are monitored.

“People meters” are installed at certain designated places to measure TRP, which is a frequency to find out which channel is being watched and how many times it is being watched. From this meter, every minute information related to TV is sent to the Broadcast Audience Research Council through the monitoring team. After receiving this information, the team decides which channel has the highest TRP.

The list of the most popular channels is made according to the television rating points (TRP) and then the data of the top 10 TRP TV serials, channels are made public on a weekly basis. Today, Broadcast Audience Research Council is the only agency that measures TRP.

Below image indicate the methodological Flow of the Panel

TRP Raiting Process
Image Source – BARC

BARC requirement to add a device?

Million of people have a Television at home & it is not possible to add Device in all houses, there are some Criteria to add the device, Below image showcases the required Criteria

TRP Device Updating criteria
Image Source – BARC

You can also check the Weekly Rating of a Channel, Their are multiple options available to sort out the data, You can Choose Top Channel, Top Advertisers & Top Brands, Below are the Top 10 Channels across India in the Month of September.

Top 10 Channels across India in Month of September
Image Source – BARC

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Why TRP Rating is Important?

TRP has given so much importance because it is directly related to the earnings of the channel. The TRP of a channel that has fewer viewers falls and gets fewer advertisements. T.R.P. Most important to Advertisers. Because it makes it very easy for them to know which channel will benefit them the most from giving ads.

TRP Data is very useful for advertisers. Every advertiser likes to add Advertisement on the channel with the highest TRP, as it gets them more audiences. The higher the TRP of a channel, the more View it gets, and the more it earns. That is why everyone is engaged in increasing the TRP of their channel and happily tries to bring their stage to the top. It benefits both the artists working on the channel and the channel owners.

How do TV channels earn from TRP?

You must watch 1-2 minute ads in between while watching the channel on TV. Through these, TV channels earn money. Advertising is the main source of income for most TV channels. Advertisers pay crores of rupees to show their advertisement on TV channels to promote their company, product, and service.

Now the TV channel which has the highest TRP means that most people will watch it. That’s why advertisers prefer to advertise on channels with the highest TRP. This allows their ads to reach more people and get them more benefits. The higher the TRP of a channel, the more money it takes from advertisers to show ads.

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