What is SSL Certificate?

Whenever there is a matter of creating a website or securing a website, it is definitely a matter of discussion, So let’s know what is SSL certificate? what does an SSL mean or what is SSL protocol?

The first step after backup is to secure any website. So it is very important for any website developer or website owner to know that it is a legitimate task.

What is SSL?

The full form of SSL is a secure sockets layer, and it is a very important term for any website. In today’s time, we all do all the work on the Internet, such as Internet banking, online shopping, social networking. Almost everywhere we put our personal details such as name, address, phone number, credit/debit card details, net banking details, etc. All these information are very sensitive.

Now think what will happen if hackers get your credit card or net banking information. He will blow all your money. Now SSL was developed to avoid this data theft. You must have seen 2 types of website URLs which are mentioned below

  1. http://xyz.com
  2. https://xyz.com

There is no big change in above-mentioned URLs only addition is the letter “S”. Now the “S” Stands for “Secure” that means that the Website is Secure. If the HTTP does not contain “S” Letter that means that website is not secure. There might be a chance that your data such as credit card, UPI or any sensitive data can be stolen.

From the above example, it is clear that the website which starts from HTTP:// will be an unsecured website and you do not have to put your information above that website. But if a website? If it starts with HTTPS:// then it means that the website is secure. As well as you Padlock, So on top of these types of website, you can find your personal information and can share sensitive data such as credit & Debit information.

Why is SSL Certificate Important?

Any kind of data theft occurs between the website and the server. Every website’s data is saved on a web host and server, Whenever you enter or click anything The website and browser communicate with the server and save the data or access the data from there. Hackers target the same communication.

SSL encrypts the communication between the server and the website and thus data theft becomes implausible. But if a website is not doing it, then, in that case, your exact data is transferred and in such a situation there is a fear of data being hacked. SSL helps to secure your website and rank in Google search Because now Google ranks only those websites which are certified

How to Activate SSL Certificate?

To activate SSL Certificate on your website, you have to purchase SSL Certificate plane, below are few top SSL Certificate Provider you can buy from their :

  1. Comodo
  2. DigiCert.
  3. GeoTrust.
  4. Hostinger
  5. GoDaddy

Even some of Hosting Provider also has a plan for free SSL Certificate with Hosting Plan, So, in this case, your Domain get SSL Certificate directly just you have to activate that certificate from “Cpanel” to Activate just follow below steps

Login to Hosting Account(C/Hpanel) -> Hosting -> SSL -> Activate

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