There are three types of SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO & Technical SEO, As a blogger, have you ever thought what would happen if the content of any two sites is equally great? What do you think about which website Google will rank in this situation? In this situation, Google has a solution and the name of that solution is OFF-Page SEO. 

When less content is available on a topic, Google easily picks the best content and ranks it at the top. But when there is a lot of competition on a topic i.e. a lot of content is present, then Google not only ranks the content based on the quality but also from other sites or social media, Gets a lot of information, and then analyze all the things and rank websites.

When a large amount of quality content is present, Google resorts to Off-Page SEO to rank the sites. What is Off-page definition? How Off-Page SEO Works & What is off-page SEO techniques?

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Definition of Off-page SEO.

All the things that we do outside our blog are called OFF-Page SEO. That doing Off-Page is a group of all the SEO techniques that we use after our post is published so that it can rank high in Google.

The main purpose of off-page is to promote the website. Now because off-page is not done on our website but is carried out from the website, it is called OFF-page SEO.

On-Page SEO is done within our website. While Off-page happens outside our website, On-Page includes things like including keywords, Alt images. Description etc.  

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Why is Off-page SEO Important?

Factors of Off-page SEO
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In blogging, there is no denying that content is the king. That is, what matters most in blogging is your content. But sometimes the situation becomes such that the content of many sites is excellent. In this situation, Google and other search engines analyze the third thing apart from Content and On-Page, which is Off-Page SEO Activities.

That is to check the behaviour of websites on the Internet. In this, Google finds out which website is being liked more on the Internet & which websites have more quality backlinks.

Based on these things, Google ranks sites in its search, while a large amount of quality content is present.

If there is not much competition in your space, then off-page does not matter much for you. In this case, you can easily rank your site in Google by doing on-page SEO of your site.

But if you are in a space where there is a lot of competition, then it becomes very important for you to pay attention to the off-page SEO of your site. In this situation, to rank in a good position in Google, you will need to have a lot of quality backlinks and social reach.

Important Factors of Off-page SEO

Like on-page, off-page SEO also has some very important factors that if we start implementing on our website from now on, then off-page of our website can improve very well in a very short time. Here are some important off-page SEO factors –

  • Backlinks – Backlinks means the link of our site to another site. You can get an idea of ​​the importance of backlinks in off-page SEO, from this, for many people, off-page means backlinks only. If a good site gives a link to our site in one of its posts, then that link is called a backlink. The more ‘good websites’ our site gets backlink to, the more likely our website will be to rank in Google.
  • Social Sharing (Social & Directory Sharing) – The more people share our posts on social sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., the better our search engine rankings become. So after publishing your every post, definitely share the link on your Facebook page, twitter profile and Linkedin, etc. Apart from this, you can submit your blog in blog directories such as Indiblogger and
  • Search Engine Submission – To get your site ranked quickly on Google and other search engines, you can include its sitemap in Google Search Console (GSC) and Bing Webmaster Tool. This makes the website quickly rank among the search engines.
  • Guest Posting – When writing a guest post on the site of others, another site gives your site a backlink, which improves the off-page of your site and increases your Google ranking. Something like this-