Any Web Page cannot be indexed in Search Engine unless it is crawled by Google robots. Bots that crawl index websites around the world for Google are called Google bot. In today’s article, we will learn about What is Googlebot and how does it work.

What is GoogleBot?

Googlebot is a web crawler software by Google, which collects documents from the web to create a searchable index for the Google search engine. This is the generic name of google’s web crawler. This name actually used to refer to two different types of web crawlers.

  • Desktop Crawler
  • Mobile Crawler

The desktop crawler mimics a user on a computer, and a mobile crawler mimics a user on a mobile device. The bot is a type of software it is also known as Software Robots or Spider. The bot has been developed with the help of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Its main function is to Index / Crawl all the Details on any Web Page in Search Engine.

All search engines have different bots, which crawl the blog / website in their respective search engines. Here we are going to tell you about Google Google, the King of Search Engine. Google has created different types of Google bots to index different Crawl systems. Also known as the GoogleBot Family.

Works for all GoogleBots are different. As you may have noticed, whenever you search for any keyword in Google, you come across different Google Menus. Such as: – News, Images, Videos, Shopping, Maps, Books etc. Works of all these categories are different.\

How does GoogleBot work?

All search engines have a separate Search Console, also known as the Webmaster tool. The same goes for Google’s Search Console tool.
Whenever you crawl a Search Console page, Post or the entire Website of your Blog, GoogleBot Family comes to a Group on your Blog.

As we told you earlier, Google has a variety of bots, each with different functions. When Google bot comes to a Blog it checks what information is mentioned in the Website. For example, if you request your article to be indexed in the Google Search Console, then all the GoogleBots come to your Website and see what Content Image, Audio, Videos, Books, Locations, News besides Text in this Post has been given.

In the same way that GoogleBot does the work, it Copies the data from your blog and stores it in its server. When GoogleBot’s Complete its Works GoogleBot leaves your Blog. Once the URL of the blog is an index in Google Search Engine. Whenever a user comes to the search result through your blog post keyword, Google shows your content in the search result according to your ranking.

What are the types of GoogleBot?

  • Google Desktop
  • Google Mobile
  • Googlebot Images
  • Google Video
  • Googlebot News
  • Google Adsense
  • GoogleBot Ads

Google Desktop – Google’s Desktop Bot crawls any Web Page as a Desktop Version so that any Result can be shown in Search Engine and enhances User Experience. This bot crawls Web Pages only in Desktop.

Google Mobile – Today most of the Internet is used in Mobile Browser. Google’s Mobile Bot works to make any Blog Mobile-Friendly so that the User can get Help.

Images Google Bot– Whenever you add an image in your blog post, Google’s Image Bot copies that image and indexes it in Google Search Result and shows the result to the user.

Video Google – Basically, when YouTube Video or Other Source Video Content is added to a Blog Post, Google’s Video Bot crawls it and shows it in All Result in addition to Google Videos Result.

Google News – If the blog is related to News and If we have submitted Our blog in Google News, then whenever the user wants to know about any kind of news and if the post is already published on our News Blog, then Google’s News Bots Shows in our Blog Post Result.

GoogleBot Adsense – Google’s Adsense Bot works to find out what type of content your blog has in any particular post. Accordingly, it shows Ads on Adsense Approve Blog.

Google Ads – Google’s Ad Service, which, in conjunction with Adsense, displays Ad on Blog. The job of Google Ads Bot is to decide which type of result the user who has visited this blog likes. This means that the user’s query shows the ad to the user most of the time through the same query.

What does it take to crawl GoogleBot Page?

When you make your blog public and you want which page your search engine crawls and which page you don’t, you decide for yourself.
For this you can use robots.txt file, through which we can control all types of robots. You can also control GoogleBot with this.

GoogleBot scans the blog’s robots.txt file before crawling any URL and determines what permissions I’ve got to crawl. Alternatively, robots can Control using meta tags. In it, Bots sees the Add Meta tag <meta name=”Googlebot” content=”nofollow” /> on your blog.

So, Guys, Hope you like this article about ‘What is Googlebot and how does it work?’ You can also read more about Google Bots

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