What is Email Marketing (1)

You have been seen many unwanted emails in your Mailbox. Some of them are useful some of them aren’t. Email marketing can help you get more visitors to your blog. Many Digital Marketers think that Email Marketing is a great way to increase traffic to blog. And literally, bloggers do email marketing to promote their blog. But if you don’t know what email marketing is, then how do you do it? So don’t worry In this post we will explain to you in very simple words what is Email Marketing? Benefits of Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the marketing email. Now you can see in your Mailbox that most of the companies & Websites send you an email. If you receive any notifications from that company via email. E.g.

Suppose you have received an e-mail from Amazon or Flipkart and then you have been informed about some offers or products and then you go to the use site to see the product or offers. This is the email marketing of Flipkart and Amazon.

Email marketing is done in many ways. As you can see on many websites that use the email subscribe box on their blog & they ask you to subscribe to their blog. 

So now if a subscriber subscribes to our blog by entering their email, We will send a notification to my subscribers about my update whenever we make any update on this site. He can visit my blog via his email.

And this is what we do to increase engagement and returning visitors to my blog. But there is more to email marketing.

Just like if you use affiliate, you can also do email marketing to sell your affiliate product. If you have a product of your own, you can use it to promote it.

Suppose you sell e-books on your blog. So you can tell your visitors about your E-Book by email. If you want to design your own ebook and tell your visitors about it by email, this is called email marketing.

If you want to promote your blog or any business or product very fast then email marketing is a great way to do it. Because this is how you email your subscribers. So sending an email also increases the engagement of your blog. So Email marketing is very important for all bloggers.

Now let see some of the benefits of Email Marketing

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Benefits of Email Marketing 

There are many benefits of email marketing. Here are some tips to help you get started: This will make it clear to you what the benefits of email marketing are.

  1. Low CostThe best thing about email marketing is that you don’t have to pay much. As you can see from other places like Facebook, Google AdWords costs a lot less for email marketing. To promote your blog you can also use a free tool like Mailchimp to start email marketing. Mailchimp offers some of the Features for free & They have paid version too but for beginners, you can continue with Free once you have the experience, you can use paid tools again.
  2. Targeted Audience – If you share your post or product on a social site to promote. Many People view your post. But he may not interested in your post or products. But in email marketing, you can target those visitors who are interested in your post. That is anyone who has subscribed to this blog, or who has commented on your post. You can only mail them. And who subscribes to your blog or comments on the post. They will be interested in your post or products. So if you are targeting such an audience then they must click on your mail. And they will also visit your blog to read your blog post. This will increase the number of visitors to your blog
  3. The investment is improving – When you start email marketing, you send a lot of information about every post on your blog to the people. Who will come to read your post on your blog? Which increases the engagement of your blog. And nowadays everyone uses Android mobile. And you know that Gmail is essential on Android. So whenever you do email marketing, visitors get notifications on their mobile. Which he can easily visit your blog on his mobile. 
  4. Sales increase – If you use affiliates on your blog then you can also sell your affiliate product through email marketing. When you get some offers on affiliates, you can tell your visitors about the offers through email marketing. Which you can tell a lot of visitors about offers. The more you can sell your affiliate product. And you can increase your earnings. Even if you sell some of your products on your blog, you can still send an email for your product. 
  5. Easy to Track – Another Benefit of email Marketing is Tracking that where you are going wrong. Most Email Marketing Websites allow you to Track open, CTR, Conversion Rates. Where Print advertising doesn’t give this benefit.
  6. Easy to Start – Email Marketing is as easy as making a cup of tea. You do not require any Degree or Qualification. You just need Unique & Creative thinking to Attract your customer. With an Email Campaign, you can send fancy Templates, Images, Videos & logos.