What is Captcha?

You must have seen many times that whenever you create an ID on a website, log in or recover a password, you encounter Captcha. Where you have to fill the box below by looking at the numbers or laters in the given image or select the image according to the question asked. You must have thought many times what is captcha and why needed. What are the work of it and many other questions will come in your mind?. Today you will get all the information related to it through this article.

Captcha is a verification process that requires the user to enter the predetermined code. It is a fully automated public Turing test to identify computers and humans. Its provides a question or code that is easy for a human to solve but difficult for a robot.

What is CAPTCHA?

The Full form of Captcha ‘Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell computers and Humans Apart. It means a computer program or system created to distinguish human from machine input, typically as a way of spam and automated extraction of data from websites. It is a device that works on the Security System. Captcha helps a lot in protecting your website and applications from Malware and Spammer. For example, when you sign-up on a website or create an account, you get the option to Solve it, after which you can create your account on that website or application. Not only this, to solve it, you have to do an online payment, booking train tickets on IRCTC or it fills while login on a particular app.

Actually, in 2009, Google bought a ReCaptcha maker company and made some changes and launched No Captcha ReCaptcha.

Captcha Code used when registering on a website. This is because the code is such a program that only humans can solve, no machine or Robots.

How does CAPTCHA work?

When you log in on a website, then some images are available in front of you. Some names are written on the images or you have to click on some related images to join. During this time, if you choose the right images, then you sign-up or login on your website or application. Apart from images, you have to write them properly by doing some crosswise alphabets, maths, calculations. Most of the time, you have seen the Alphabets and some numbers which you have to be Solve.

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Types of CAPTCHA

You may have encountered many different Captcha Code at times. These codes created differently according to the website. We are going to tell you several types of CAPTCHA code so that whenever you solve It from now on, you know which type of CAPTCHA code you are solving.

1. Text-Based – Such captcha is a puzzle and these are textbases, to solve, the user has to identify the text, and inside you have to solve it by typing Alphabet. After which you can enter that website.

What is Captcha?
Text Catpcha

2. Image-Based – Image-Based codes that are based on Image show some similar-looking image with a name on it. In which you have to find and select the image associated with the given name, you get an entry on the website.

What is Captcha? in Hindi
Image Captcha

3. Maths Captcha – When you log in to a website, many times you have asked to Solve Maths. In this, you have to solve some numbers in front of you. Such as adding or subtracting numbers.

Uses of Captcha?
Image Source – Researchgate

4. 3D Captcha – In some captcha, you see a 3D image in which you have to recognize the alphabets or numbers and write it.

What is Captcha?
Image Source – Github

5. Ad Injected – In this type, you get to solve through some Ads on your screen. Like you will see an Ad or a brand of people on the screen and you have to identify and fill it.

What is Captcha?
Image Source – Github

Now you must be thinking about what is no CAPTCHA & Recaptcha. Google created by improving reCaptcha. In this CAPTCHA you have to click in a box. After which Google’s Algorithm automatically detects whether you are a human or a computer.

To verify this, what is your IP, how long have you been on that web page, what is your location, how much did you scroll that web page, what was the movement of your cursor while clicking that box. Completes

Benefits of Captcha?

Ever since the Captcha came into existence, its use has increased a lot since then. This is a technique that protects our websites and blogs from bots and spammers with the help of It, you can very easily stop the bots and spamming coming on your website. Because so far no robot has been created to solve this. It has been designed in such a way that only humans can solve it. By this code, a security test is prepared which is beyond the comprehension of any bot or machine. We can say that it is constructed using Artificial Intelligence, whose main purpose is to verify humans. So let’s know about some special benefits of it –

  1. If you use Captcha in the comment box of the blog, then spam comments on your blog will stop.
  2. It used on a website so that only humans can Solve, not any machine or Robot.
  3. Using Captcha, you can save your Email Address from Email Scrapers.
  4. You can use this to protect the website from a dictionary attack.

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