What is Blogger

Blogger is a free website making service by Google. Pyra Labs was the company who launched Blogger in 1999 and it was acquired by Google in 2003. Blogger is also known as Blogspot. In this article, we will read What is Blogger?

Blogger is a great option for beginners to start blogging. Blogger’s services are completely free. You can host your website for free on Blogger app or for that reason it has a lot of customization options. Over the years, its interface or layouts have changed a lot. But Blogspot or Blogger is still the best option for beginners.

When we create a website on it the web address gets to associate with the subdomain. For e.g., If my web address is www.example.blogspot.com. then blogspot.com is the main domain. You can link your top-level domain (www.example.com) to your website. for that, you need to purchase Domain for Domain provider.

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Why use Blogger?

Blogger is one of the most usable platforms like WordPress, it is easy to understand, You don’t require any special skill or any tuition to learn blogger within few days you will get to master in Blogger. The main thing about it is you can create blogs/website for free you just required Gmail Login.

So, Now Let see some of the interesting things about Blogger.

  • Easy to use Admin Panel

Blogger’s Admin Dashboard is quite simple, it doesn’t take long for a new user to understand this. You will find all the settings in a very simple way, as this is a very simple customization option so its interface is very simple

  • Free of Cost

To create a website on Blogger is absolutely free, but even after being free, your website is very fast, Responsive, and SSL Secure. 4. You get Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth to host the website. You can easily connect your Top Level Domain with your Blogger which opens on your top-level domain instead of your website subdomain.

  • Earn Money

You can easily earn money from Blogger Blog. If you apply for Adsense it will get easily approved. Blogger and Adsense are Google’s top services for blogger websites. If you work hard on Blogger for 15 days. Some options are specially created in Blogger to get Adsense to approve. You cannot get Adsense Approval if your using Blogger Subdomain (www.example.blogspot.com) You need to purchase Domain from Service Provider.

  • Fast & Secure

Blogger has Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth, so the websites built on Blogger are very fast. Because Blogger is directly linked to your Google Account. That’s why this is safe as long as your Google Account is safe. Keep 2-Step Verification in your Google Account.

If you are a beginner in this field you can easily try your hand in Blogger, Blogger doesn’t have many features then WordPress but if you are new then you can go with Blogger.