We often use public Wi-Fi in the affair of running free Wi-Fi while not knowing how dangerous this Wi-Fi is. Public Wi-Fi is most at risk of viruses. In addition to this virus, many times hackers come into your phone uninvited and steal all the personal information in your phone such as photographs, videos, bank details, private messages, emails and documents etc. If you are also using Wi-Fi in public places then you too can protect yourself from the threat of hackers and viruses by following some tips. Today we are going to tell you how you can use public Wi-Fi & keep your mobile safe from Malware & Hacking. Here are the Top 5 Tips for Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi 

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Change setting in your mobile

This is the first and most important step. If you are using free Wi-Fi then you must first make this setting in your device. Doing so will keep you safe from malicious and suspicious networks and prevent hackers from looking at your data. For this, you need to follow the below steps 

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Connections or Search for WI-FI
  • Connect to Public WI-FI
  • Tap on three dots in the right side corner
  • Click on Advance
  • Activate ‘Detect suspicious networks’

After Activating it will immediately notify you that suspicious activity has been detected on your WI-FI as shown in the below image. If you get an error while using WI-FI disconnect the WI-FI Immediately.

Use Mobile Antivirus 

If you regularly use public Wi-Fi on your laptop or smartphone, you must also use antivirus on your device. Antivirus keeps your public Wi-Fi connection safe. Not only that, if there is a virus or any suspicious activity in the device through the public Wi-Fi you are using, then the antivirus will detect it.

Use HTTPS while browsing 

When using public Wi-Fi, always make sure that the site you are opening has S in HTTP. If the website does not have S then exit this website immediately. Also, you should never do any work related to banking on public Wi-Fi.

Verify the Network

If you are using free Wi-Fi at a railway station, hotel or airport, it is very important for you to verify it considering the security. Doing so will make the connection safer. When using free Wi-Fi, try to connect to the network only with the help of an IP address. Many times it is seen that hackers create fake Wi-Fi just like public Wi-Fi so that people can be trapped.

Use Virtual private network (VPN)

If you are using public Wi-Fi then it will be safest to use Virtual Private Network. VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network. For your information, VPN is a tool that keeps your data safe while using public networks. Not only that, VPN encrypts your data traffic and creates a protected line between the browser and the server.

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