In Day to day, life smartphone is the most important need of every human being, You will not get a single person using a smartphone whether it is a Young or Elder everyone, That’s the reason Mobile companies are also launching new mobiles every day with many new features. The old smartphone which we replaced in two-three years or four-five years. Then we sell our old phone. But, it can cause your data to leak. If you want to sell your smartphone, what should you take care of first? Below will tell Few Important things to know before selling your old mobile

Few important things before selling your Old Mobile

  • Change Mobile Password

Remove the save password before selling the smartphone. If you do not, your private data may fall into the wrong hands. So go to the browser’s profile and select the save password option. This is where the password for each website appears. You can use it. To delete this password, you need to click on the three dots next to it. This will be followed by the Remove option. Click on it. The password will then be deleted.

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  • Factory reset

Before selling a smartphone, first, go to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and log out of the ID. This requires a factory reset of the phone. To do this, go to Settings and select the Backup and Reset option. You will now see a reset phone. Click on it to delete it

  • Backup of Old Data

Be sure to back up the data you need before selling or changing a smartphone. So your data will not be leaked. To the backup, you need to go to settings and click on the backup option. Save all your photos, documents, videos to Google Drive.

  • Mobile Text Message  

Take Backup of Text Message is important because of some messages from the Bank or any government organization(UDDHAR CARD) there are some app(SMS Backup & Restore) available to take a backup, The app saves your messages and call log to a file that can be automatically uploaded to email, Google Drive And if you have the new phone you’re transferring to, you can move the data over directly using Fast Transfer.

So, these are the few most important things to know before selling your Old smartphone, please do let us know if we missed any thing.