How to save IMP File on WhatsApp

How to Save Important Documents on WhatsApp – Now you don’t have to work hard to save important documents on WhatsApp or search for them. This is because WhatsApp now has a feature that allows you to save your DP while chatting, as well as read the information you need. You don’t even have to scroll through the same WhatsApp for that.

First, you have to send the information to another friend or if you have a document on your computer when you open it in WhatsApp and send it to one of your friends and then you save it on your phone.

We have to work hard all the time. But now you can save yourself by sending all the documents without sending the documents to anyone else. All you have to do is follow a few steps.

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There are 2 Steps to do Save documents on WhatsApp

Step 1 – 

  • Open Browser & paste this ( in your Address bar
  • Then type your Mobile number with Country code
  • For e.g. (x is your mobile number) in your browser and enter or search.
  • If you have already installed WhatsApp Application on your Laptop it will ask you to open it directly
  • If you don’t have the WhatsApp Application installed you can use WhatsApp Web
  • Once done then Clicking on WhatsApp will open your own chatting screen.
  • Then send a message by typing anything.
  • Now when you open the WhatsApp present on your phone, you will see your own chatting in it.

Step 2 –

  • Create a group with any of your contacts and then delete that contact
  • After removing only you will be in that group, so you can use this group only for your use.
  • You can pin that group to prevent your secret chat from constantly going down as another message arrives.
  • This will make you’re chatting visible to you at the very beginning