Google has data of what you search for, what your favourite foods are, where you go, what websites you visit. Yes! The most popular search engine in the world has all your information, every moment of yours, even if you live alone, still … The first sentence of Google’s Big Terms and Conditions agreement is – “Trust us with the information you receive while using Google’s services.”

But did you know that Google has made it possible for Google to destroy all the information it collects? Yes, You heard right..! There is a system to delete all the information stored in Google’s ‘My activity’. How can that be done? Here are some tips that How to Remove your personal information from Google

  • My Activity 

Every Google search you do is linked to your Google Account. Not only that, every move you make on Google is picked up, whether it be an email seen on Gmail or a form filled in Google Forms!

All that information is stored in a folder called ‘My Activity and can be deleted from there. It also has the option to search for chronological information. You can delete all the information in this folder or even remove it by searching for specific information.

There are also “All products” and “All time” options for deleting information. Once you select this option, a warning from Google will appear on your screen telling you what the consequences will be.

Deleting your search history from Google, i.e. Search History, or your browsing history from Google, does not affect your Google account or the use of that application. 

  •  Delete Information from YouTube

YouTube is the largest video streaming site in the world. Any popular video in the world is on Youtube right now, it just takes you to find it.

Google also pays attention to what we search for and what we see on YouTube. But that information can also be deleted.

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Click on ‘History‘ in the left-hand menu.
  3. select “Clear all search history” and “Clear watch history”.

If you want to Stop google to Save your Youtube History you can do that by Going to my Activity or click on Manage all history on Youtube

  • How to Delete Google Advertising Data

Google not only stores your information but also displays advertisements on the websites you visit based on that information. This means that ads on their service website are determined by what you find, see, or do.

That’s why you see ads that match your search or browsing.
But don’t worry! We can find out exactly what information Google provided to advertisers. follow below Steps

  1. Go to your Google Account setting or Click here
  2. Click on Data & personalization


In it, the “Ads Personalization” option appears. If it “deactivates” or deactivates, ads based on your internet browsing will stop.

Google will tell you that it is not in your best interest to do so. So you have to decide whether you want such advertisements or not.
However, Google does not provide an option that does not require advertising.

  • Delete your Google Maps History

If you’re using an Android phone, Google also stores information about your location, or where you’ve been.

To delete this information on Google Maps, turn off the location tracking button when you go to that page. Also, delete all or specific information.

The wastebasket can be destroyed by selecting this option and removing a particular trip or stop. to Delete your google Maps History permanently follow the below steps

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Tap on your Profile on Right-side
  3. Tap on the three dots
  4. Click on Profile Settings
  5. Click Delete all location history