Changing the background from a photo on a regular basis is a difficult and time-consuming task. Not everyone uses software like Photoshop etc. But there are some Free online editing tools & Website which are available to make this task easier. with the help of this Website, you can change the background within Seconds. Let see which are the website to remove the background with Photoshop & How to Remove Background image.

There are many websites available online with the help you can change the background but the Most used & Highly effective is remove.bgthey also have an Android app. While on mobile you don’t have to visit their website simply download the app from Playstore.

How to Remove Background using

  1. Go to Google & Type or Simply click here
  2. Here you can select your photo from the phone or computer gallery by clicking on the Upload button which you want to delete the background.
  3. Once the photo is uploaded, the website will automatically remove the background and the background of your photo will become transparent.
  4. You can then either download it or click the Edit button to change the background.
  5. After going to Edit you will get two options; Background and Erase / Restore. Here you will find some default backgrounds. Select and download the one you want to use.

You can also watch a Short Video on How to Remove Background with remove. bg.

There is also another website that will help you to remove background image such as 

  1. (Website only)
  2. Adobe Photoshop Web (Website only)
  3. Slazzer (Website & App)
  4. Experte (Website only)
  5. Picsart (Website & App)
  6. Fotor (Website only)

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