If you have taken a dose or both of the COVID-19 vaccine, you should download the certificate as soon as possible. The certificate will allow you to travel freely in most states without RT PCR testing, you can get free gifts at places like PVR Cinema if you are fully vaccinated. However, all this can be done only if you are able to successfully submit your immunization certificate. There are many platforms from where you can download your vaccine certificate but in today’s article, we will explain how you can get your certificate through WhatsApp.

The Government of India had launched the MyGov Corona Helpdesk WhatsApp chatbot to help people with COVID related resources. But now you can use the chatbot to download your vaccine certificate.

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Follow the below steps to download the Certificate on WhatsApp

  • Add the number to your contact list +91 9013151515
  • Open WhatsApp and look for the MyGov number on the search bar, which you have saved on your phone.
  • Open the chat window when you find a MyGov contact
  • When you open the chat, in the dialogue box, type the Covid  certificate.WhatsApp Chatbot for Covid Certificate 
  • When you type a command, WhatsApp will send you a six-digit OTP to your registered mobile number. If you send a message from the number you registered on the Cowin application for the COVID-19 vaccine, it will be convenient for you.
  • Find the OTP and type it into MyGov’s WhatsApp chatbox.
  • If you have registered more than one user, WhatsApp will send you a list of people and ask you to choose.
  • You will be given one, two or three options depending on the number of people you have registered. Type the number for which you want the certificate.
  • The chatbox will then send you a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. You can download it to your phone.