Who doesn’t know about YouTube? If we want to watch movies, music, videos, so we can watch them on Youtube. Nowadays, YouTube has become the biggest social media platform for videos where we can watch anything. If you search for the type of videos, you will find a lot of results where you can watch any video for free. All these videos we find from the YouTube Channel. YouTube has become the source of earning many for many people nowadays. But have you wondered how their income comes from and how they create channels and upload videos? Today in this article we will learn How to Create Youtube Channel – Step by Step – 2021 Guide

What is YouTube?

You will hardly get a person who doesn’t know about YouTube. YouTube is a free video-sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos, YouTube Shorts. YouTube has 2 Billion, monthly users worldwide & YouTube was founded on 14th February 2005 by Paypal’s ex-employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen & Javed Karim. The 1st Video on YouTube was ‘Me at the Zoo’ which was Posted by Javed Karim on 23rd April 2005. In October 2006, YouTube was bought by Google for 1.65 Billion. Now anyone can create their channel on YouTube, create videos and upload them, but those videos must be made by themselves and according to YouTube’s Guidelines.

How to Create YouTube Channel?

To create an account on YouTube you must have Gmail Login. 

  • Go to YouTube
  • Click on SIGN IN on the top right CornerYoutube Login Page
  • Once you Sign in on the Left Side you will get an option called Settings Click on Settings
  • Click on ‘Create a Channel’
  • Youtube Page
  • Enter your Channel name & Upload your Logo & Click Create ChannelYouTube Page Details

Now you have created YouTube Channel but there are lots of Backend work that need to be done e.g. Description, Cover images, About us, etc 

  • Click on Customize channel 
  • YouTube Customize channel 
  • A new window will appear like belowYouTube Creator Studio
  • Click on Basic Info & Add Page Description
  • Once done click on Publish
  • Then Click on Branding & Upload your Logo, Banner Image & Watermark

Once you Publish & Submitted all details now you can upload your video on YouTube. To upload a video on YouTube Click on ‘CREATE’ on Top right side & Upload your file.

  • After upload, you need to enter details about your video like below
  • Add Video Title & Video Description YouTube Video Details
  • Video Thumbnail will automatically get generated after your video got upload successfully 
  • Select your Audience type & Click NextYouTube Audience
  • Add Subtitle if you have & Click next 
  •  In Visibility, Select whether you want to Publish the Video to Private or Public
  • Then Click Publish 

Now you have successfully uploaded your 1st Video on YouTube. We hope You like this information on how to create a YouTube channel. 

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