Don't make these mistakes while charging your mobile

Don’t make these mistakes while charging your mobile – Five to six months ago I bought a new mobile & today the condition of the battery is very bad. If I start charging the mobile, it takes around 4 to 5 hours to get a charge. Once the battery gets fully charged, it gets drain in half an hour. Descends. When I went to customer care regarding battery issue, they raised their hands, saying that the battery has no warranty,

Did you know, the battery should last for at least three to four years; but how did the battery get damaged in five to six months?. So I started thinking like this and I searched on the internet. At that time I understood the information about what mistakes we make while charging; So I thought I should share this important information with you so that you can avoid this loss.

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Most of the time we buy a mobile phone but don’t read the manual in it, this information book has complete information. However, the mistakes we make while charging can cause our battery to run out quickly and sometimes the battery swells, while some people’s mobiles get hot while using or charging. This is also because of the mistake we make while charging. So today we are going to tell you four things that if you follow these four things, your mobile will be good and your battery will last a long time. So let’s learn more about this.

Things to avoid while Charging mobile

Don't make these mistakes while charging your mobile
  • Remove Back Cover :

Remove the back cover of your mobile and apply it for mobile charging. The reason why you might want to do this is that the cover that it has stops the supply of air to the battery, in short the battery does not get air, and as a result the mobile gets hot and automatically has a very negative effect on the battery when the mobile gets hot, which The battery deteriorates quickly.

  • Original Charger :

Use the same charger that the company has given you while charging your mobile. If you start using any charger, e.g. if you have a Samsung mobile and use a Nokia charger to charge it, then your battery gets damaged quickly, because each company decides to use the MAH of their charger, which is the ampere current of their mobile you use.

  • Switch off While Charging :

Always switch off the mobile while charging it, if you can’t do this, at least put it in flight mode. If you are charging the mobile in the same way, then the charging is on one side and the mobile network is on the other side, which means the mobile is working and charging is on here. In short, you also go to work and eat while working, but this is the case, so it only takes one and a half to two hours to charge your mobile, only this time you switch off your mobile.

  • Battery Percentage :

Many do not know what percentage to charge the battery. So some people charge up to 100%, and there are many people who charge their mobiles overnight. The company’s manual states that charge the battery 90% to 95%, and do not charge up to 100. People who charge their mobiles 100% are possible to damage the battery quickly & also the battery swells.

So, Guys, These are the four Mistakes which we need to avoid while charging the mobile. If you like the article please share with