Don't Click on such Ads on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. This social networking site used a lot for advertising. Some of these ads are real. But, you will find many advertisements on Facebook which can cost you dearly after clicking on them. Often after opening Facebook, you come across many such advertisements. In which it claimed that Expensive smartphones have now become much cheaper. Getting this smartphone at a low price. In this article, we will explain a few things you must avoid & why you should not Click such Ads on Facebook

It is very important to be careful when handling social media. If you are not careful about social media, many people are sitting there to deceive you. So if you are dealing with Facebook, WhatsApp or any social media, it is very important for you to be careful. We are giving you special information about false and fraudulent advertisements on Facebook.

Don't Click on such Ads on Facebook
  1. Cheap Price Offer:

Many times People received Ads with the name of Flipkart or other websites. For example, they claimed that you can buy OnePlus 8 for only Rs 4,999. Getting such a cheap phone, so many people click on the given link. And they deceive themselves. Can’t even think of how to get an iPhone in five thousand. The URL given to you to click is false & it might hack your Facebook & Bank account.

2. Big Discounts:

Fake and false advertisements attract big discounts. We have already informed you that How a false URL Work. The link which they provide to you by saying that there is a big discount offer on Flipkart & Amazon. Clicking on it takes you to a fake Flipkart/Amazon page. Buying something from this place after reaching that place can be a big financial fraud for you. These people create fake websites to deceive people, many are unaware that it is true.

3. False URL:

Fake URLs are used to attract people. After clicking on the discount link on Flipkart/Amazon, you will feel that you have come to the Flipkart/Amazon page. However, the URL Which they show to us has been modified. A closer look at the URL reveals that. Until then, it is not noticed by anybody. So once you cross-check that the URL of the website you are clicking is correct, the next risk can be avoided huge financial fraud can be done. So if anyone thinks ten times before clicking on a given link, you will not be deceived.

4. How to identify false advertising:

Fake ads look just like the ads you see in general. Fake companies operating on social media for the purpose of deceiving people are consciously using the original logo. they do so that no one has any doubts. So look closely at the URL to identify which is true and which is false. If you click on Flipkart’s iPhone discount ad, the website you visit will have Flipkart spelt Filpkart instead of Flipkart. We never check it in a hurry & that’s where we get cheated. So check the spelling once.

So Guys, This are few thing of Facebook Ads & Don’t Click on such Ads on Facebook read this Article before doing so.

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