Most of the People think that and are same but that not fact both are two different platforms. If you are new and thinking of launching your own website or blog on and may confuse you. The wrong platform can cause you trouble later. Therefore, choosing the right platform is critical to your online success. Today I will explain what is the difference between these two platforms & on which platform you should start your blog according to your needs. Before explaining what is the difference between and You need to know What is and Also, you need to know the pros and cons of and

What is & is a Free Hosting Blogging Platform. Here you can create your blog for free but you will not have full control over it. If you violate its term and condition, it will suspend your blog. doesn’t require hosting services to create a blog. It offers you lots of customization, mobile-ready themes and plugins for free. Is a Self Hosted Platform and open-source software that can be used to create a website, blog, or app. It’s completely free and 31% of websites worldwide remain on WordPress. But to start a blog or website on it, you need hosting and a domain name. There are thousands of themes and plugins available for free, which make your site professional.

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Pros & Cons of

  • Pros of
    • is a free and easy platform if you want to blog just to fulfil your hobby, and making money is not your goal. gives you up to 3 GB of free storage to store website files
    • Here in you do not need to worry about website update, backup, etc. All this is handled by the team.
  • Cons of –
    • Here you get very few themes and customization options If you are a free user then you will be able to use limited free themes While premium themes are only available for premium and business users After that you will also be able to use Custom CSS
    • Jetpack plugin is enabled first in all websites Additionally you cannot install or upload any second plugin Business Users Company Feature to install some additional plugins
    • If you have created a free website on this platform, keep in mind that the company will show your ads on your website and you will not get any benefit from it. You have to take a paid plan to remove those ads.
    • You cannot place Ads on your website here If you have a lot of traffic to the website then you can apply for the company’s advertising platform Word Ads. This facility is available to the paid member from the beginning.
    • In the footer of websites built on this platform, you will get Powered by & If you want to remove the same then you have to go for Bussiness plan.
    • You cannot create high-customization websites like e-commerce or membership on

Pros & Cons of

  • Pros of
    • Creating a website on gives you complete control You can customize the website to your liking, install plugins, do SEO, etc. is the most popular because of this feature
    • By creating a website on this platform, you will be the owner of the website and its data, and if you enter legal content, no one can shut down your website by saying that you have broken any rules.
    • You can run your website with or without Ads You will have complete control
    • You can monetize the website built on in many ways by placing your Ads, Product Affiliate, Sponsored post, etc. Here you do not need to share revenue with anyone.
    • On this platform, you will get free and paid themes, which will help you to create beautiful websites.
    • Here you can better analyze your website traffic by integrating powerful tools like Google Analytics.
    • is powerful as well as flexible On this platform you can create your own online store and sell your own things online, integrate payment gateway and take online payment, etc.
  • Cons of
    • You will first need hosting to start a website on this platform. Hosting means a Storage or Backend of the Internet where your website’s file will be stored. You can get a basic hosting plan and then upgrade it over time as traffic to your website increases and revenue starts coming in.
    • Here you have to take care of your website backup, update, maintenance, etc. yourself However with the use of plugins on self-hosted WordPress site all this can be done easily
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So, Guys, I Hope now your confusion is clear. We will recommend you to go for, As there are many Free Feature available. Hope you like this article Difference between and please share the same with your friends.