How to Create a Website with WordPress?

Everyone has a website for everything in today’s time. Even if it is a small YouTuber. You can create a website related to your shop, school, services. Pass website is there. If you are fond of writing, whether it is on any topic, you can make a website related to it. If you are a non-technical prisoner and are thinking How to Create a Website with WordPress? with the help of this post, you can make your own website without any technical knowledge.

One of the biggest things about making a website is that you can earn a lot of money from it. In today’s time, you can spend millions of rupees a month from your website. There are many Online service provide who help us to make Website online Such as, WIX, WordPress, Blogger, Shoify etc. but today we are going to learn How to Create website with help of WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the simplest & most popular ways to create your own website or blog. In fact, WordPress powers over 40% of all the websites over the Internet. WordPress content management system is basically a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of your website. WordPress makes building a website accessible to anyone whether you are developers or not.

There are many such special features in WordPress, but some of them talk about very special features. WordPress is Easy to learn & easy to use, WordPress also has many themes for free as per your requirement whether if your making Ecommerce website or Blog or Magazines website, WordPress also gives access to add Plugins, Plugins help us to add a new feature to our website, WordPress is SEO friendly if you want to rank your website on google top search then SEO is a most important factor for website

Choose Domain name & Hosting

If you are wondering how to create your own website then let me tell you that to create a professional website, first of all, you will need Domain and Hosting.

What is Domain? – A domain name is the name or URL of any website. such as This is the address of the website, with the help of which Internet users have access to your website on the Internet.

What is Hosting? – A Hosting means where all your website data get stored Read More about hosting

If you preferred domain name is already taken then not to worry about there are billion other possibilities that are still available, So to create a website, first, you have to buy the domain, for which you can use any platform like Hostinger, Godaddy, Namecheap etc.

Make sure before you purchase domain name by any service provider they have following feature

  • Free Domain name & SSL Certificate(Website Security)
  • One-Click Install WordPress
  • Custom email Account
  • Customer support, 24/7

If your service provider offers you all above thing, then only Register Domain with them. You can buy Domain & Hosting from Hostinger. Why Hostinger? because Hostinger not only provides you domain but also provide SSL Certificate for your website

How to register Domain & Hosting?

To Register domain & Hosting from Hostinger then follow below steps

Step 1 – Purchase Hosting from Hostinger

  • Go to Hostinger or Click on below image
  • Click on Start now
Hostinger How to Create a Website with WordPress?
  • It will ask you to choose the web Hosting plan
Hosting Plan
  • If you are new to website making then we recommend you to go with a Single Web Hosting plan which will cost you 59 Rs/mo
  • We Strongly Recommend you to Please read all features of web Hosting Plan before moving Further
  • Click on Add to Cart
  • Now, You can choose your Web Hosting plan Validity
Hosting Payment
  • You can go for 12 months Plan if your new to website development after 12 months you can renew with same hosting provider or you can switch to new.

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Step 2 : Register Domain from Hostinger

  • After choosing Hosting plan
  • Scroll down below & you can enter your domain name e.g.
  • Click on search & it will show you if your selected domain name is available or not.

If You already have domain which you brought from other Domain Provider, You can transfer that domain with Hostinger.

Search Domain
  • Once you have select then click on Add to Cart
  • Click on View cart & Checkout
Domain Payment
  • With Hostinger you are getting Free SSL Certificate for free
  • Now click on checkout now
  • You can choose payment Method
How to Create a Website with WordPress?
  • You can choose any payment method & Purchase.

Once you’ve completed your registration process it will take a few minutes to get access, so you can start building your website with WordPress right away.

  • Once the payment is done Hostinger will redirect you to another window
  • It will ask you to select your domain
  • Then you have to fill your details
How to Create a Website with WordPress?
  • After filling details click on Setup
How to Create a Website with WordPress?
  • You Can choose Install WordPress Or You Can Skip this, I will do it later(We will do in Managing Hosting option)
  • Click on Install WordPress
  • It will ask you to fill Website Details e.g. Admin Username/Password(Required when login to WordPress Dashboard), Admin Email. Website Title & Tagline(You can change this later as well)
How to Create a Website with WordPress?
  • Once done Click Submit & Refresh page.
  • You will get you Website URL e.g.
  • Click on that link & It will redirect to your Website

If you want to go to Website Dashboard you can simply copy your website URL & Add /wp-admin. E.g.

  • Enter Username & Password & Login in.

After this Process Your website will get started with WordPress… So, Guys in this way you can create Website With WordPress using Hostinger, You Can also choose any other Service Provide such like, Godaddy, Hostgator, Cheaphoting, etc.