How to remove 'Powered by WordPress' from Footer

Are you looking for a way to remove the powered by WordPress area on your website? Then we will show you How To Change Footer Copyright Credits On WordPress. Most of the People ask whether its legal to remove ‘Powered by’ Tag from the footer? then the answer is YES, its Legal to remove from the footer.

You can Remove or Change its depend on you. Most of the themes nowadays come with the ability for you to be able to remove that in the themes option. there are 2 ways to do the same. 1st is from Website Customize option & 2nd from the theme editor(HTML), Don’t worry we will show you both the method step by step. How to remove ‘Powered by WordPress’ from Footer

What is the Footer Section in WordPress

A footer section is a small section at the bottom of each page within a document. It is often used to display copyright information or Company link. In longer documents, the footer may be used to specify the current section of the document as well to change the footer section you also required some basic knowledge of HTML Codes.

How To Change Footer Copyright Credits On Any WordPress

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Appearance
  • In Appearance, you will get an option called Theme Editor
How To Change Footer Copyright Credits On Any WordPress
  • In Theme editor you will get window like below
How To Change Footer Copyright Credits On WordPress
  • Press Ctrl + F & types footer.php or simply find footer.php in Right Section.
  • Click on footer.php
  • Now go to your website page footer area which Section you want to remove
Copyright tag

e.g. If I want to remove ‘Newspaper Lite by themecentury select & copy the particular sentence.

Please note:- Theme name might be different as per your themes

  • Now go back to your theme editor in Footer.php area
  • Ctrl + F & paste the select area (Newspaper Lite by themecentury)
  • Delete the selected area as per below
  • Once you Delete then save the settings
  • Now refresh your website page
  • The selected data will be deleted from your page like below
Copyright tag

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Now, If you want to remove ‘Copyright tag’ from your website If you’re using basic themes (Except themes like Astra, DIVI, etc) please follow the below steps.

  • Go to your website
  • Click on [icon name=”paint-brush”] Customize
  • Click on Footer Option
Footer Option
  • Bottom Footer setting
Footer Copyright
  • From here you can change the copyright sentence as you want or remove keep blank if you don’t want copyright tag for your website

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