If you’re trying to find how to backup a WordPress site for free of charge , then UpdraftPlus is certainly one among the foremost popular and well-rated options. Not only does it allow you to manually take a backup, but it also can automatically backup your website to the cloud on a schedule of your choosing, also as easily restore a backup with just a couple of clicks.

What is the backup?

Backup simply means saving a copy of your website on a particular date and then keeping it safe after you take a backup, let’s say you keep making changes to your site and one day your site suddenly stops working What do you do in this situation? How do you recover your site? If you have a backup you just have to restore that backup and your site will be working again Now after you restore the backup your site will look exactly as it was when taking the backup Every one has to take a backup of your site so that you never lose your work so this is how backup works.

How to backup of WordPress site with UpdraftPlus

Image Source: UpdraftPlus

The first thing is to install the UpdraftPlus backup plugin on your Website, to Install UpdraftPlus plugins please follow below steps

  • Log in to your Website Dashboard
  • Go to Plugins
  • Click on Add new Plugin
  • Search a Plugin called UpdraftPlus
  • Click Install & Activate
UpdraftPlus plugin
  • Once the plugin is installed then we can take backup
  • Click Back up now

So, Now if you delete any of Post or Page from your website mistakenly, You can restore its back to restore you saved backup follow below steps

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Go to Setting
  • You will get an option called UpdraftPlus Backup to click on it.
  • Scroll down & you can Click Restore
How to backup of WordPress site with UpdraftPlus

How to Schedule Automatic Backup

We cannot remember to take backup daily & even if we cannot follow up for taking backup manually, So to avoid losing your work we need to schedule a backup, to set up Automatic Backup please follow below steps

  • Go to Updraft Setting
How to backup of WordPress site
  • Keep Files backup schedule: Weekly(Up to Your Choice)
  • Keep Database backup schedule: Weekly(Up to Your Choice)
  • and retain this many scheduled backups: 4(Both)(Up to Your Choice)

This Setting will take one backup every week and it’ll keep that backup for 4 weeks & you always have the backup for the last 4 weeks. after scheduling a backup, You need to store the backup somewhere so as Updraft offers you different places to store your backup. you can choose any of them e.g. if we choose Google Drive as my storage then follow below steps;

  • Click on Google Drive option
  • Save Setting
How to backup of WordPress site

Once you saved setting updraft will ask you to link your Google account so that Updraft can save you backup on Google Drive, click on the link. Once you linked it will ask your Google account details

  • Choose your account details which you want to link
  • Click Allow & it will redirect to below page
How to backup of WordPress site
  • Click Complete setup
  • You will get notification from google that account has been linked

After updating all this steps Updraft will automatically take backups & all the backups will be saved on Google Drive.

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