What is Google Analytics

How to Add Google Analytics on Blogger

Google Analytics provides you with information about visitors to your blog, Who is coming to your website and how is it coming to your website. You can also see who viewed your blog, You can see traffic on your blog you can track traffic on your website& the main thing that Google Analytics free to use But you must have an active blogger blog to install Google Analytics on Blogger. If you also want to add Google Analytics to your blog, then follow the steps given below.

How to Add Google Analytics Code on Blogger

You will get Google Analytics code in account column

  • Once you copied the Analytics code
  • Login into Blogger
  • Select your Blog from the drop-down arrow in which you have to add the Code
  • Once Selected then Go to Setting
  • In Setting go to Others
  • There you will find an option called ‘Google Analytics’
  • Simply paste the code
  • Click Save Settings

Now you can check by Login in Google Analytics & you will find your blog/Website name added theirs.

In this way you can put Google Analytics code on Blogger?