How to Add a Favicon to WordPress

What is Favicon?

A Favicon is a  small icon that identifies a Website or Blog. Most browsers display a website’s Favicon within the left side of the address bar, next to the URL. Some browsers can also display the Favicon within the browser tab, next to the page title. these icons can play a small but important role in branding your website and not having one could seem less credible to some users. In below article, you will know that How to Add a Favicon to WordPress

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Types to add Favicon to WordPress

In this article will tell you How to Add a Favicon to WordPress, There are 3 types to add Favicon to your WordPress, We will teach you all three method step by step

  • Using WordPress Customizer
  • Using Plugin
  • Manually (HTML Code)

How to Add a Favicon to WordPress

  1. Using WordPress Customize: This is the only method which has used by everyone, all you need to have Favion in your laptop/Desktop. then follow the below steps
  • Go to your WordPress Website
  • Click on [icon name=”paint-brush”] Customize
  • Go to Header Setting
  • Then click on Site Identity
  • If You scroll down you will get an option called ‘Site Icon’
Favicon Setting
  • Click on Select site icon & Upload icon from your local computer.

2. Using a Plugin: This is the 2nd Method which we can add a Favicon to our WordPress

  • Click Install now & Activate the plugin
  • Once Activated
  • Go to Appearance
  • Click on Favicon Option, below window will open
Favicon Creator
  • Click Select from the media library
  • Upload your Icon & Generate Favicon (It will redirect to another window)
  • Once done click on Generate your Favicon & HTML Code

NOTESince you’re using the plug-in you don’t have to worry about any code you’ll be redirected to your site and greeted with a nice preview of your icon displays that’s it.

3. Manually (HTML Code) : In this method we need to Copy HTML Code from Favicon Creator website & then Paste it in Theme Editor

Favicon Creator
  • Upload your file & click Create Favicon
  • Once done scroll down below & you will get HTML Code like below
Favicon HTML Code
  • Copy the entire Code
  • Now go back to WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Appearance then click on Theme Editor
  • Click Ctrl F & find header.php
  • Paste the Code below <head>
  • Click on update file & Done

So, Guys, in this way you can add Favicon on your Website/Blog, now its up to you in which way you need to add.

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